Kendall County PADS

ANNOUNCEMENT  – September 2022

KENDALL COUNTY PADS WILL BE CLOSED FOR ITS NORMAL SHLETER SEASON:  FALL 2021 THROUGH SPRING 2022 DUE TO THE COMPLICATIONS OF COVID19.   The PADS Board of Directors believes that the highest priority must be the health and safety of all volunteers and  homeless guests.

We desire safe situations for men, women and children living in homelessness.   If  people from Kendall county are in need of temporary shelter and meals, they are encouraged to contact Daybreak Center in Joliet (815) 774-4663.

We thank the selfless giving of our volunteers during the first ten years of this overnight shelter program.    In the coming year the PADS Board of Directors will evaluate shelter options that will best serve people living in homelessness in the Kendall County area. 

 Anne Engelhardt, Executive Director

You will find excellent factual information about this coronavirus at the Kendall County Health Department website:  including when and where to get a vaccine or to be tested.  

PADS wants you to be proactive to help with the mitigation of this highly contageous disease.

Containment: When you are sick, stay home!  Sanitize thoroughly.

Prevention: Wear masks in public places and especially in situations where social distancing is difficult.

Social distancing: When possible, avoid and eliminate crowd-based activities; reduce the numbers of attendees; enact site-based decisions for the overall good of the community.

Communication: In conversation, share facts – not fear.



 Kendall County Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS) is dedicated to providing temporary, safe shelter and nourishing food to the men, women, and children within Kendall County who are homeless or in need.

Serving the Homeless                                         in Kendall County, Illinois

PADS is a place where men, women, and children living in homelessness are provided overnight safe shelter and hot meals. A team of caring volunteers serve our homeless guests each night.  Volunteers will greet each guest, and will register them on their first night and explain how the program operates. Guests may enjoy a hot, home-cooked meal and will have opportunities to visit with the volunteers. Social workers on site will provide information guests about local social services.

Prior to October 2022 information about the possibility of re-opening Kendall County PADS will be provided to the public.  

Who can use PADS?

Men, women, and children who need temporary overnight shelter and food may use Kendall County PADS. Children under the age of 18 must come with a parent or legal guardian (documentation of guardianship is required).

The Kendall County PADS program does not allow guests to use the alcohol or drugs at the shelter sites. There is no restriction as to where the homeless person recently had been staying prior to coming to PADS . The program has a limit of 20 guests per night.

Who are the volunteers?

Men and women, age 18 and older, may serve as volunteers. Students 16-17 years old, along with a parent, may also serve as volunteers. Different positions and tasks can be matched to the skills and desires of each volunteer. Most volunteers live in Kendall County, but that is not a requirement. Each volunteer will give about 4.5 hours of his or her time just ONE time each month for six months, during the PADS “season” (October – April). Learn more about volunteering…


The shelter program is looking for caring people who can be dedicated to serve as a volunteer just one time each month — 6 times over 6 months of the coldest time of the year. You may choose which night or which location works best for your situation.  

We will be pleased to welcome you as a volunteer and you will learn your role and responsibilities “on the job” under the guidance of an experienced site coordinator. So, please, SIGN  UP today.  

Volunteers are Always Welcome!

A total of 600 volunteers are needed for PADS to operate each night of the month. We invite adults from community organizations, schools, churches and businesses and interested citizens to serve as Volunteers.

Other Ways to Support PADS

Donate:Kendall County PADS is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization funded by grants, gift, and private donations. The donations are used entirely for the operation of the shelter sites. The program is staffed 100% by volunteers – no paid positions. Checks can be made to: Kendall County PADS and sent to P.O. Box 1136, Yorkville, IL 60560.  PADS gratefully accepts material donations, or you can make a donation thru PayPal.

Volunteer: There are many ways to serve as a volunteer. Learn more about PADS volunteer opportunities.

Pray: Whatever your faith tradition, please keep the Kendall County PADS effort in your thoughts.  Pray for the guests who will be utilizing the PADS sites, for the volunteers who will be staffing the sites, and for the mission of PADS which is the guideline in all decisions.

Be an advocate for PADS: Tell people what it is and how it works. Encourage people in your neighborhood, church, civic organization, place of employment, to get involved either as individuals or as a group. To receive more in-depth information for yourself, group, organization, or church, please contact the PADS Director. PADS is pleased to provide various printed materials or in-person presentations of any length for any audience.

A brochure, the Volunteer Manual, and  a PowerPoint presentation are available for you. These materials explain things in greater detail. For a copy of any of these tools, please contact PADS.