Board of Directors

Kendall County PADS’s Board of Directors

A Board of Directors governs Kendall County PADS. The Board includes the site coordinator (or designee) from each site, the Kendall County PADS’s Executive Director, two assistant directors, representatives from the Health Department, the Sheriff’s Office, the local clergy, and advisors.

PADS’s Executive Director: Anne Engelhardt

Assistant Director for Guest Services: Barb Johnson

Assistant Director for Community Relations: Tom Siebert

Assistant Director for Volunteers:  ______________

Assistant Directors for Supplies:  ______________

Chairperson: Sandy Lindblom

Secretary: Sara Poniatowski

Treasurer: Kathy Farren

Kendall County Law Enforcement Representative: Dwight Baird, KC Sheriff

Kendall County Health Department: Rae Ann VanGundy, Executive Director

Kendall County Homeless Liaison with Regional Office of Education: ________________

Kendall County Clergy Representative: Matthew Conrad, Pastor at Cross Lutheran Church

Member Emeritus: Richard Randall, Founding member

Sunday Site Head Coordinator: Barb Johnson

Monday Site Head Coordinator: Sandy Lindblom

Tuesday Site Head Coordinators:  Steve Allred and Karen Allred

Wednesday Site Head Coordinators:  Peggy McNamara and Matt Olson

Thursday Site Head Coordinator: David Curran

Friday Site Head Co – Coordinators: Sara Poniatowski

Saturday Site Head Coordinators: _______________