Homeless Children and the Right to Education

Have you and your children lost your housing?  Are you … doubled up and sharing housing with others because of loss of housing, economic need or domestic violence?  Living in a shelter or motel?  Living in a campground, park, car, or abandoned building?

When families are in temporary living situations such as these, it is frequently difficult for students to get to school and to maintain their education.

The Illinois Education for Homeless Children Act and the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Act is designed to assist your student obtain a high quality education.  The law states, any student that does not have a fixed, regular and adequate place to sleep at night qualifies for educational assistance.

All school districts have an assigned liaison whose job it is to assist you in selecting your choice of schools (where you were when you lost permanent housing or where you are temporarily residing); to help you obtain lost records, to help you with immediate enrollment, free lunch, school fees and where needed, transportation assistance.

When you visit your school district to register your child, ask to speak with the district’s homeless liaison.  You can also call Sharon Schultz at the Kendall County Regional Office of Education (1-630-553-4110) who will help you with this process.