Volunteer Information

Shift I volunteers at Welcome Table waiting for guests to arrive

Volunteer with PADS. Serve the homeless of Kendall County, Illinois.

Kendall County PADS will be closed fall 2021 through spring and summer 2022.   PADS Board of Directors will evaluate the health and safety of operating the shelter program and will make a decision about reopening in October 2022.   If the decision is to re-open in October 2022,  PADS will reach out to the public for many new volunteers!    

PADS is looking for new volunteers –  men and women, at least 18 years old – to join at any time during the PADS season.   Students, ages 16 – 17 years old, along with a parent, are also invited to serve as volunteers.  Most PADS volunteers serve just once a month for about 4.5 hours – that’s just six times over the winter season.    A few more volunteers are still needed at the seven shelter sites.   Please click on the list of volunteers needed 

New Volunteers will be notified by a site leader to confirm the location, the week and the time slot he or she will be serving at PADS.

Training — People new to the program are strongly encouraged to attend a 2-hour Volunteer Training session. New Volunteer Training will be held in autumn of 2022.   An overview of the entire program, as well as  descriptions of specific positions, will be presented by a panel of site leaders, a representative from KC Sheriff’s Office,  and a professional from the Kendall County Health Department. If you miss the training — no worries!   You are still welcome to volunteer with PADS.  You will be working with an experienced  volunteer who will mentor you!

Volunteer Manual – Each new volunteer will receive a Volunteer Manual (a printed copy and an online version) . It is the guide for the entire program, including roles and responsibilities for each position on each shift.  Also, a new volunteer will be placed on a shift with volunteers having previous experience.

The PADS Board of Directors thanks each of you who will be returning to help.  We thank each of you who are new volunteers.  Your hearts and hands  make this a caring  program to shelter and feed homeless people in the area.

We hope that each volunteer will be informed and comfortable with his/ her role in Kendall County PADS.   PADS welcomes all new volunteers at any time!