Volunteer Training

NEW VOLUNTEERS WELCOME!   ________________________________________________________________________

If Kendall County PADS plans to reopen in October 2022, a  NEW VOLUNTEERS TRAINING for 2022 will be announced.  Advance registration is not required. Just come!  The 2-hour training  session will present an overview of PADS — how it operates each night and the role of volunteers. Attendees will learn

  • the responsibilities of the various volunteer positions
  • the importance of hospitality for guests, health and safety issues
  • do’s and don’ts for volunteers and
  • general operational procedures

New volunteers will receive a PADS’s  Volunteer Manual and will be placed with an experienced volunteer to serve as a mentor. We hope that each person attending will be informed and will feel comfortable with their role in Kendall County PADS.

The program is free and there is no obligation to sign up as a volunteer. However, we believe that while learning more about PADS you will be inspired to become a volunteer.

If you have questions, please call 630-443-8180.

Training for Returning Volunteers

Each site will notify its complete staff volunteers to a “Welcome Back” get-together in early October. At that time a volunteer will meet the others on their week and shift. They will receive a new and updated Volunteer Manual and  will go over important reminders as well as new policies and procedures. This is a great way to ‘kick off’ the up-coming shelter season.